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Of course, Fred Brooks's law about adding manpower comes into play eventually. Stay away from large bureaucratic organizations where status reports are more important than thinking outside the box.

There are many individual aspects to CS, just like art.

At Boston College, faculty members and graduate student instructors are barred from having relationships with students they advise, according to the school’s website.Sure, you’ll find plenty of students who are married or involved in serious relationships (for now).On its website, Boston University says“affiliates,” including faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows, should avoid relationships with enrolled students that they are supervising.(And we tell you why you should never claim to have read a paper if you didn’t.) How can a classmate help?How does graduate school work exactly and how is it different from undergrad? Grad school is generally divided into a masters & Doctorate (there are also professional degrees, and I dont know much about them either).

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