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“I’m in a position because I’ve been lucky in my life, because I get to choose where my kids go to school…I can afford to send them there. And sadly, the education we get is largely defined by our zip code and the neighborhood we live in.” Brown said she has friends who live in lower income neighborhoods, but can’t afford to move and are “stuck” with that school for their child as their only choice.“We believe education in this country is a fundamental right, and [a mom who can’t afford to move] should have the same choices I should have,” she continues.ABC al-Qaeda America attorney Barack Obama Bush California Congress David Lunde Debbie Schlussel Detroit Detroit Free Press Federal Bureau of Investigation Hamas Hezbollah Hizballah ICE Immigration Iraq Islam Islamic Terrorism Israel Jews Jihad Julie L.Myers leader Lebanon Michigan Middle East movie movie review Movie Reviews Muslim Muslims New York President Princess Saudi Arabia terrorist United States USA Today USD video Wall Street Journal White House By Debbie Schlussel Showbiz insider website reports that if NBC “Today” hostess Katie Couric leaves the show, Campbell Brown is the leading candidate to become new host of the “Today Show.” If that’s the case, it’s cause for concern.

–Sarah Du Pre Event Description Teacher tenure has long been a contentious issue in K–12 education, with many in the reform community lamenting how teacher tenure can complicate the process of removing ineffective teachers. California ruling, which overturned teacher tenure in California, suggested that turning to the courts might be a viable path to tenure reform.

The new venture, cofounded by the former CNN and NBC News anchor, is not ashamed about having an agenda.

One key part of its toolkit: using video to create a “Waiting for Superman”-like impact on the discussion around education.

The newcomer to education news outlets has a not-so-new name attached to it: Campbell Brown, veteran television reporter and former CNN and NBC News anchor, who has in recent years taken on the role of education reform advocate.

So far, her celebrity, and her record, have been a mixed blessing as the site looks to expand into a crowded field.

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