Dating newcomb pottery marks

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Early Newcomb College has a very shiny glaze like this is, which we'd call high glaze.And it was a little simpler and not as interesting.Among the first persons to be hired by the Woodwards to assist with the new pottery program were the potters.Unlike the artists who created and carved the designs for the Pottery, the potters were all men, as it was believed that a "male potter would be needed to work the clay, throw the pots, fire the kiln and handle the glazing." The first potter hired was Jules Garby in 1895.With a basic knowledge of clay color and texture and bottom markings, approximate dating of Van Briggle Pottery can easily be determined.

The Pottery was a contemporary of Rookwood Pottery, the Saturday Evening Girls, North Dakota pottery, Teco and Grueby.

Van Briggle Pottery has the distinction of being one of the oldest companies still producing American art pottery to this day.

The production of contemporary art pottery by Van Briggle as well as the fact that the company did not maintain great consistency in its bottom markings can make it difficult for novice Van Briggle collectors to determine accurate dates of production.

Van Briggle Pottery produced between 1900 and early 1907 was typically clearly dated.

Marks typically seen on pottery from this time period usually include the logo, Van Briggle, date, shape number and a Roman numeral.

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