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Claudius now knows Hamlet is a threat and even uses Ophelia, Hamlet's love, in his own plots against the young man. When Hamlet stops the limo after deciding not to kill his uncle, Claudius, he exits at a theater billing the Best Musical of 1998 - the live-action stage version of "The Lion King".

"The Lion King" is reportedly inspired by "Hamlet".

See more » Shakespeare has arrived in the moneyed world of New York, and I think he likes it.

What particularly struck me about this film was some of the imagery and devices.

The Moorish general Othello is manipulated into thinking that his new wife Desdemona has been carrying on an affair with his lieutenant Michael Cassio when in reality it is all part of the scheme of a bitter ensign named Iago. A specter in the guise of the newly-dead CEO of Denmark Corporation appears to Hamlet, tells of murder most foul, demands revenge, and identifies the killer as Claudius, the new head of Denmark, Hamlet's uncle and now step-father.

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La collaboration étant au coeur des prérogatives de Foundation has nurtured a series of ongoing collaborations with several artists, resulting in a Living Archive Program that integrates diverse forms of art, including photography, design, literature, film, and dance.

The next step of this experimental and multidisciplinary program will make these resources available to the public in a manner intended by the artists.

à Arles a été développé par un « Core Group » de conseillers internationaux comprenant des commissaires, des directeurs de musées et des artistes ; Tom Eccles, Liam Gillick, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Philippe Parreno et Beatrix Ruf.

Depuis son lancement en 2010, la Fondation à Arles a commandité et présenté le travail de nombreux artistes et intellectuels en privilégiant l’expérimentation, l’innovation et la collaboration, les relations artistiques et intellectuelles développées à Arles faisant écho à des problématiques globales.

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