Updating fedora 9 to fedora 10 arablounge dating

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The maintenance schedule of Fedora releases is documented on the Fedora Project wiki [1]. The community is invited to submit constructive suggestions for consideration by the new forum owner in the thread linked to below. t=315095 Over the last few months the forum has been undergoing a transition period due to a change of ownership.The Fedora Project wiki also contains instructions [2] on how to upgrade from a previous release of Fedora to a version receiving updates. We've all been experiencing some connection issues of late and these should now be resolved.The source code for the scripts is in the This example uses the script at get.to install the latest stable release of Docker CE on Linux.To install the latest testing version, use test.instead.Now would be the time to start planning migration from Fedora 24 to either 25 or 26.The official release announcement is below LXQt and Python Classroom are new additions to the already extensive list of ISO options for Fedora 26.

updating fedora 9 to fedora 10-79

updating fedora 9 to fedora 10-3

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To upgrade Docker CE, download the newer package file and repeat the installation procedure, using , and pointing to the new file.

Docker provides convenience scripts at get.and test.for installing stable and testing versions of Docker CE into development environments quickly and non-interactively.

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