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Taking 800,000 years of ice core data and putting it into a mathematical model, the researchers, writing in the journal Nature Climate Change on Monday, were able to demonstrate a correlation between the rising temperatures and a spike in greenhouse gas emissions across several ice ages."This gives a direct deduction from this past data that there is a strong effect of the temperature on concentrations on carbon dioxide and methane, in other words two major greenhouse gases," Tim Lenton, a co-author on the paper from the University of Exeter, told CBS News."That gives us a direct confirmation purely from the data that there is this positive feedback loop."The study also suggests alterations of the Earth's orbit of the sun - a key theory known as the Milankovitch cycles - didn't have nearly as much impact on the severity of ice ages as previously believed.The measurements were made largely in order to gain an understanding of the distribution of radiocarbon within the dynamic carbon reservoir.Again, the data are not reported primarily with the idea of drawing new conclusions but rather to bring together in one place information which is presently scattered throughout the literature or which otherwise might remain unpublished.Serbian mathematician Milutin Milankovitch had suggested the Earth's orbit - essentially is proximity to the sun - could explain why there were ice ages every 100,000 years.

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