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XML Schema is an XML-based representation of the structure of an XML document.

Through its support for datatypes and namespaces, XML Schema has the potential to provide the standard structure for XML elements and attributes.

Applications needing to enforce document type declarations do have options available in other programming languages.

Notably, C/C packages are freely available, sometimes with SGML support.

This table provides an alphabetical quick reference to the results of the analysis for validating processors: The same problems that show up in the non-validating processor also show up in the validating one ...

in fact, the processor appears to be doing exactly the same thing in both cases!

Sometimes validation is performed while parsing, sometimes immediately after.

attribute for an XML Schema without namespaces, in the root/top-level element, or in any other element of the XML Document.

In our case, we'll use the example of an XML document, Xml Document Url, that contains an As I explained previously, an XML Schema—in our example, Schema Url—defines the structure of an XML document.

However, to check if an XML document conforms to an XML Schema, the document must be validated against that XML Schema.

This tutorial explains the procedure for performing that validation using parsers for the Simple API for XML (SAX) and Document Object Model (DOM), as well as an XML Schema Design (XSD) validator.

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