Kang dong won dating kang dong won dating

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"A Violent Prosecutor" star has not even met the actress personally and the rumours are completely untrue, Kdramastars reported.

The spokesperson for YG was also quoted as saying that Kang feels bad for the "Bubble Gum" star as the rumours keep surfacing.

[ 213, -54] Song Hye Gyo's certainly charming but I don't think she's found her match yet.

According to insiders, she's really conservative and ends up breaking up with male actors because of their complicated relationships with other females.7.

Previously, at JTBS's "Ask Us Anything," the members of the show including Kang Ho Dong, Seo Jang Hoon, Heechul and many others have promised to show something new if the ratings got five percent.We only have Kang Dongwon left ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ So I hope this is just a rumor!! I think those are just emoticons of Takgoo and of an embarrassed face ㅠㅠ..... Im Si Wan plays worker Jang Geu Rae on the drama "Misaeng." He plays a worker with only a GED but he's no dummy.His character's ability to strategize had him on track to become a professional baduk player.

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