Dating a webley mk vi

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Often many different models in many different calibres were produced at the same time.

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The pistol is designed to fit the hand with a thumb rest and positive-grip checkering, a positively locking barrel using the famous Webley Revolver-type stirrup,...

Most, however, are now relegated to the shelves and vaults of military arms collectors.

The Webley & Scott manufactured CO2 model bears all of the original markings and shares the same operating features, only instead of firing the British .455 cartridge (or .45 ACP rounds in moon clips, which many Webleys were modified to shoot after WWII), this MK VI sends .177 caliber steel BBs downrange.

Webley experimented with pneumatic air rifles in the 1960’s.

Production air rifles became available in the late 1990’s The factory production information is not available.

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